Testimonials from happy clients!

Thank you so much for taking the time to do my tarot reading.  It came into my life at a perfect time and was very clear, as I was able to easily interpret your reading into my current situation and really find deeper meaning in what the cards were telling you/me.  Your reading was a bit of the impetus I need to step forward confidently with some of the decisions I'm making right now.  I have to admit, I was a little surprised at first to get the empress card because I think I'm always a little hesitant to recognize my potential, but I'm happy I did; to be honest, I feel it describes me pretty well.  I think it's fitting and sets a context for how I may need to start seeing myself as I step into the next phase of my life as I begin to tackle some projects and experience a deeper level of my relationship that I haven't had the confidence to do before. I appreciate you working my questions into your reading as well as offering an explanation of the deck you use.  Thanks again.  Your reading really boosted my view of myself and helped answer my questions.  You're certainly the person I want reading my cards.  --Karen

Thalia pulled three cards for me to help me think about my writing process and where to go next with a big project-- Death, Victory, and the Poet. Each card, and her interpretation, gave me new insight in my own stumbling blocks and how to move, circumvent, or destroy them. The reading left me feeling more confident in myself and what my next steps should be. Her explanation of the deck she used and the photo she took of the spread were great touches as well! Thank you, Thalia, for such an detailed and intuitive reading.  --Kristen

This tarot reading totally surprised me today--and delighted me to the core, not just because it was a happy reading but also because getting this reading felt a little like getting a letter--the kind of letter that feels like it sees you reading it. It's surprisingly moving to receive the composed text of one's reading along with the image of the cards from it --like receiving evidence of a faraway place where you are known and considered. It felt to me like an even more intimate or effective intervention than in-person readings I've received before! Thank you! --Rae

I had questions about specific areas of my life as I transition from being a student to being a professional.  I am working on building my career and my personal relationships.  Thalia chose a beautiful deck to do my reading. The deck was so gorgeous that I loved just looking at the cards!  The reading went well and the reading gave me feedback on my questions that will help me keep things in perspective.  This reading also helped me put words to things that I had been seeing in my life and feeling that I hadn't been able to properly express. Thalia provides you with a pdf including a photo of the cards so that you have it to read it again if you want to.  I am so happy with my reading and I will be definitely recommending Thalia to my friends!    —Kate

Thanks for the reading, it truly resonated with what I am thinking and going through at this time.  I am a stay-at-home mom and have been thinking of going back to school when my son starts school.  My career path I have been day dreaming about is anything but conventional, and I know it will be a huge challenge and I will have a few challenges along the way.  Your reading solidified my own intuition about what I need to do to move forward in my career.  Thank you for being so clear with what the cards mean, and being genuine with your reading.  I would definitely recommend you to my friends (and I already have!)  —Lynzie



The tarot reading i received from Thalia was spot on in all that is going on in my life at the moment. Her explanations of the layout were clear and inspiring. The reading left me excited for what is just around the corner! I would go to Thalia again for a reading:)  —Amber J.

Wow!  I love this reading it motivates me to get busy in all the things I am involved with!  Thank you so much Thalia!  My future's looking bright!  --K

The tarot reading reaffirmed my current inner state exactly! It's nice to have an additional perspective that matches how I'm feeling. It gives me 'permission' to do just what I and the reading state I need to do. --Steph

Your reading was totally, chillingly amazing! --Wendy

Thanks so much for the tarot reading! The reading felt uncannily relevant to what is happening in my life right now, and offered support and reassurance during a moment of great transition. I have turned back to those cards several times in the last few days, and find myself thinking about them when challenges come up. Thank you! --Jacks

Thalia has a gift for not only picking the deck that best suits her client but also for providing a kind, warm and detailed synopsis of her reading. Photos of the chosen cards are included, which only adds to the fun. As far as the reading itself, Thalia's intuition proved true, since while I asked for a general reading, the cards had something to say about my writing life, as well. They accurately reflected the point where I am at the moment and gave me a nudge in a direction that feels possible and right. I'd happily ask for another reading whenever I could use a little insight from the universe. --Evey

This reading is alarmingly accurate, and insightful. I often find myself drifting between projects, and not getting things done (so much easier to start than finish). I always need to be reminded to ground myself in the darn earth and think about what I want next, and I feel like I haven't been fully putting myself in touch with that lately and this reading helped me remember that. I also like how you connect your description back to the images in the cards, which are beautiful. Thanks for your reading! --Kathleen

This reading was very intuitive. The first thing I did was to admire the three cards you had selected. I immediately saw myself and I thought the two women represented my daughters. It is true that I become distracted at times while I am creating and I feel I should dedicate more time to my own work. Both of my daughters are in the arts. My youngest daughter has begun to write poetry and is organizing local event including readings and publishing. I feel the reading was very accurate and I’d like to have more readings in the near future. -- Didi