It's hard to believe that I've been on Periscope less than two months, and it's already changed so much for me. If you're unfamiliar with Periscope, it's a Twitter-connected livestreaming app that allows you to "follow" people, then get notifications when they broadcast live, just as if you're Facetiming or Skyping with the world. You can tap the screen to leave hearts and let the broadcaster know you dig what they're saying, and you can comment and ask and answer questions directly. I just love the immediate interaction and the intimacy of the platform. So much so that I'm 'scoping every day!

My Periscope schedule is as follows:

Monday: Oracle Message Monday, where I pull cards from oracle decks for anyone who wants one, and we chat about oracle decks and intention-setting for the week ahead.

Tuesday: Tarot Tuesdays, where I chat about all things tarot, answer questions, and occasionally pull cards for folks who tune in.

Wednesday: Witchy Wednesday, where I chat about various witchy things, like Sabbats, rituals, spells, crystals, witchy books, etc.

Thursday: Thalia Talks Thursday, a free-for-all, a chance for Q&As, and casual chats with my #thaliatribe

Friday: This alternates between Feminist Friday, where I chat about witchy intersections with feminism, and Friday Faves, where I share my current favorite tarot or oracle decks or any other witchy woo woo things I'm vibing on.

Saturday: Self-Love Saturday is all about raising our vibration and loving ourselves more. How can we do that? How can witchcraft and/or tarot help with that?

Sunday: Spirit Sunday is a day to chat more deeply about how we connect with the Divine, including rituals, meditations, prayers, etc.

As on all my social media platforms, you can follow me on Periscope at taleraventarot, and while you can watch from the web, the experience is so much better if you download the app and watch live. You can, however, catch my replays at 

Hope you see you on the 'scope soon!