Cultivate Enthusiasm

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Today I talked about enthusiasm, which means in essence being at one with the energy of God or the Divine. The word itself comes from the Greek en (one with) and theos (the divine). Enthusiasm comes from our closeness to Spirit (or God, or Goddess, or Deity or the Universe, or whatever your conception of a Higher Power might be). On a Monday, this is good to keep in mind. We all want to hit the ground running on Monday morning, but it's difficult to get going and cultivate that enthusiasm. We're dragging, we need more coffee, we spend time on social media instead of getting down to business. I always say that the Universe has your back, but you have to do the work. But before that, make sure you're connecting with the Divine, because that is the source of enthusiasm, which we need to carry us through a busy week.

Look to nature for inspiration. The morning glories just show up every morning. We need to make a commitment and show up to connect with the Divine, whether it's through a daily tarot card draw, meditating, prayer, reading a daily devotional, spending time at our altar, or whatever works for you. We have to make time for that, or we won't have the energy and enthusiasm to get to all the rest of what we need to do! I love the adage that you should meditate for 30 minutes a day, unless you don't have time for that, then you should meditate for an hour. If we don't make time for this, how can we make time for anything else? It is so difficult in this world to prioritize our spiritual sides, because there is always something else that needs doing, but we owe it to ourselves and to the Divine to honor and cultivate that connection. It will be worth it, I swear.