I am so excited to announce a special pre-launch event for my shop. The grand opening of Tale Raven Tarot will take place in December, and in November (yes, I'm a Sagittarius!), I turn 33. What a magical number! In honor of my birthday and the shop's grand opening, I'll be doing 33 absolutely FREE readings for the first 33 people who contact me. 

These readings will be emailed readings, just as in-depth as I'll do for my paying clients once the shop launches. It's a chance to get insight into your life story and an excellent opportunity to get a detailed, high-quality reading from me.

Who am I? I'm an intuitive tarot reader, poet, and teacher with fifteen years of experience reading cards. I have a number of decks I read with, and I will let my intuition guide me to the best deck for your needs.

Reading tarot cards is my passion. I do a daily draw for myself, and readings for friends all the time, and I'm so excited for the opportunity to read for you! Whether you've had dozens of readings before, or this is your first one, I'm sure I can help you find your story in the cards.

I will be doing these readings from now until the shop opens in December (or until I reach 33 readings), but these will go fast, so get in touch with me today, and I'll add you to my list, and do the readings on a first come, first served basis.

Edited to Add: All the readings have now been claimed! Thank you for participating!