I help creatives & queers move forward with their passions through in-depth tarot readings.



Hello! I'm Thalia.


I'm a queer poet, teacher, and tarot reader.


As a poet, college professor, and experienced card reader, I am skilled at helping you  use the lessons from a tarot reading to better understand your life, break past barriers in your creative work, and thrive in your art and your life. 

I got my first tarot deck eighteen years ago, and I've been reading for myself and others regularly for fifteen years. After spending a very long time in grad school, teaching, and getting a PhD, I felt very disconnected from my intuition. I started using tarot to tune back in to my creative self and move forward with my book project, and to reshape the narrative society tells of our lives in to one that made room for my queer, disabled experience. 

The cards are an excellent way of telling a story, and reframing and developing a better understanding of yourself and your own creative projects.

I know that nothing kills creativity faster than anxiety, so I offer in-depth tarot readings and creative mentoring to help move through creative blocks, and better understand what your creative work, and maybe even your life, needs in order to progress.

You're in the right place if you are:

  • a creative person struggling to move forward with a project
  • struggling to figure out how to begin your next book, painting, poem, story
  • trying to tie together various aspects of a larger work
  • or any queer person seeking answers about their life in a fucked up, oppressive universe


"witch, scholar, poet, dreamer and the rest."

—Elizabeth Barrett-Browning


I am a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner, through Moondaughter's CMP program, which is accredited by the World Metaphysical Association and the American Council of Holistic Healers (and which I highly recommend).